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Wellness Consultation Prices | Tammy's Tune Up


I come to you at your work at a time that is good for you.  Some of the services can be accomplished through email and phone or video calls.

Detailed Services


Optimal Wellness Analysis  – Detailed questionnaire includes ROF (Report of Findings). Your score will be totaled and suggestions for reaching and maintaining optimal health will be determined.  This survey is based on the Mind – Body – Spirit connection.   When anything directly affects a person in one of these areas, it affects all other areas as well.


Hormone Analysis – Detailed questionnaire includes ROF (Report of Findings).  Your score will be totaled and suggestions for reaching a balanced hormone level will be determined.  Especially beneficial for perimenopausal and menopausal women.


Household Environment Analysis – How healthy are your surroundings?  There are many ways to reduce harmful chemicals that we are unknowingly exposed to in our own homes.  We will take a look at your kitchen pantry, cooking utensils, cleaning products, laundry products and drinking water.  Suggestions for safer options will be given.


Personal Care Products Analysis – How safe are the products you use?  Everything from facial cleanser to hair color to make up will be addressed.  Manufacturers of these products in the USA are allowed to use chemicals that are not all safe.   In this service, we address the safer options that are available.


Quick Start Option – Not sure which area to start with?  We go over the services offered in detail.  You are free to ask questions regarding what to expect from each service and get suggestions on prioritization based on your situation.  This consultation can be done at your work or over the phone, at a time that is best for you.


Personal Organic Grocery Shopper – It’s time-consuming to shop for all the best organic food items at the best prices.  Let me do the work.  Initially, we will go over your likes and dislikes as far as dishes are concerned.  Recipes will be approved by you and shopping will be done by me.  You will be provided with the food items to prepare the dish.  Recipes will be included.   Food not included.

$50 Initial Set up  –  Shopping per week charge – $100

Dive Right In Package – This package includes Optimal Wellness Analysis,  Household Environment Analysis and Personal Care Products Analysis.  Cost if purchased separately $135.



Credit cards are accepted.  A 3% fee will be added to the total on all services.