The cost is affordable and reflective of today’s economical climate. The cost can either be absorbed by the company or the individual employees. It can be considered a benefit for your employees or a service they can choose to participate in and pay for themselves.

Tune ups range from 10 – 30 minutes.     Hourly rate is $78.

10 minutes = $13

15 minutes = $20

20 minutes = $26

25 minutes =  $33

30 minutes = $39

*Credit Cards now accepted.  A 3% fee will be added to your total.

Minimum of 40 minutes of combined massages per visit.  

Maximum of 120 minutes combined per visit. If you need more than 120 minutes, we can schedule more tune-ups in following days.

In groups of more than 6 that are paid by the company, the hourly rate is applied.